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Vibe take on 3 new recruits through the Kickstart Scheme.

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2021/10

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We recently took on three Recruitment Administrators as part of the Government’s Kickstart scheme. The aim of the scheme is to improve the long-term job prospects of young people by providing them with work experience and employability training.  It is a fantastic way to nurture young talent, giving them on the job training and helping them identify their strengths in the workplace.

We are delighted to have Ellie, Ieuan and Daniel as part of the Vibe team and will support them in developing their skills in the recruitment industry.

With the markets ramping up over recent months, they’ve been an asset to us and have got stuck in with the fast-paced environment that is recruitment.

Ellie is 18 and describes herself as “a bit of a workaholic” tells us:

“I’m pleased to be offered the kickstart opportunity at Vibe Recruit and I am already learning key skills that I am able to take forward with me in my future career. I feel like I am fitting in really well with the rest of the team, they are a lovely bunch. As someone who enjoys being busy this is a great environment for me.”

Ieuan has experience in range of sectors but has already adapted well to the recruitment environment:

“I have worked in several high-pressure environments like Conveyancing for law firms, sales based call centres and freelance as a Voice Over artist. You may think “Why move to Vibe and the world of recruitment?” As I’m sure you’re aware, many people in the UK were laid off thanks to COVID-19, and I didn’t manage to avoid that fate. Since taking on the role with Vibe I am enjoying my time and with my hope of getting onto the property ladder in the near future and I would like for my position to be made permanent here to facilitate that.”

Daniel is 22, originally from Surrey and he moved to Swansea for university 4 years ago and wants to stay in the area for the foreseeable future. He joins our Swansea branch:

“I am currently finishing my final year of university and looking forward to getting that over and done with. I was attracted to recruitment, and more specifically Vibe Recruit because through us, lots of people can find roles that fit their needs.  A good recruiter can help those people finding it difficult to either get started in a workplace or to get back into working after the pandemic and that feels more important than ever.  My time with Vibe so far has been great! Everyone has been very welcoming and helped me get up to speed so I can play an active part in the team. I have no doubt I’ll gain invaluable experience that will help me professionally and personally, helping me to further my skills in recruitment and other aspects of life.”

We’d like to say a big welcome to Ellie, Daniel and Ieuan who are already fantastic editions to our Vibe family and look forward to watching them flourish in their roles.