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Gender Pay Report


Total Pay (Mean) 36%      Bonus Pay (Mean) 24%

Total Pay (Median) 15%      Bonus Pay (Median) 0%

The above outlines the percentage difference in the average total pay of men vs average total pay of women employed by Vibe Recruit on 5th April 2020. Our current median Gender Pay Gap is 15%.

It also displays the percentage difference in the average bonus payments made to men and women over a 12-month period. A higher proportion of women received a bonus payment than that of a man during the 12-month period between 6th April 2019 - 5th April 2020.

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. We are committed to reducing our gender pay gap and providing greater opportunities for women to progress into senior positions.

We confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.