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Vibe Recruit show their support for Kidney Wales Charity

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2019/04

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Vibe Recruit have pledged their support to local charity, Kidney Wales. It has always been our belief that we should give back and support our local community and we will be supporting a number of charities and local causes over the next year in order to demonstrate this.

Kidney Wales has a deep, personal meaning for us as a team as we were devastated to find out that one of our colleagues had been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. We are determined to support this cause in every way we can, not only to show how much we truly care but to provide some all-important positivity and focus.

The Kidney Wales Foundation’s strategic aim is to support patients and families and to promote excellence in renal research. Just some of their work involves fundraising and research in line with the needs of clinical institutions, patients and their families such as:

  • Aiming to increase organ donation for those waiting
  • Investing our funds in new services, facilities and equipment as part of an on-going programme that will give added value to statutory funding
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to share expertise and good practice
  • Develop innovative programmes in renal research for the benefit of renal patients in the Welsh community
  • Recruit, retain and invest in the professional development of high calibre staff
  • Ensure financial viability and the efficient use of resources.

We will plan and take part in a number of fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for Kidney Wales and other important charities. We would love for you to get involved however you can so keep an eye on our social media profiles for updates.