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Vibe Employee of the Month - Christine Griffiths

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2019/05

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At Vibe Recruit we believe it's important to reward consistent hard work and company commitment, so we have started an ‘Employee of the Month’ initiative.  

To kick things off with a bang, our very first award goes to our Operations Manager, Christine Griffiths.  

Chris, is very much the ‘Oracle’ here at Vibe.  If there is anything we need to have or anything we need to know, Chris is the person to ask.  Nothing is ever to much trouble, she is always so approachable and genuinely looks after the whole of the Vibe Tribe. She is very much the glue that keeps ‘Vibe’ together.  Thank you Chris, for everything that you do.  Enjoy your voucher!!

Who will be the winner of the award next month? Stay tuned!