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Vibe Fundraising Skydive

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2019/06

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Earlier this year we found out the heart-breaking news that our friend and colleague Phil Cook had been diagnosed with cancer. Whilst everyone at Vibe Recruit were devastated by this, we recognised that it’s nothing in comparison to what his family were going through.

Everyone who knows Phil knows what a positive and kind man he is so we have taken inspiration from the man himself and have pledged to do all we can to raise as much money as possible for Phil, his wife and their two boys.

We’ve been thinking big, and the first challenge the Vibe Team decided to take on was a skydive. Yes, that’s right, jumping 12,000ft from a plane!

The bravest members of our team volunteered to take part, despite most of them being terrified of flying or heights they were prepared to overcome their fears to show their commitment to the cause.

After weeks of apprehension and dedicated fundraising, finally the day came and last Sunday Dave and Steve Matthews, Paul Southard, Jordan Thomas, Angharad Isaac and Helen Way completed the jump at Swansea Airport!

Dave Matthews, Recruitment Specialist, told us that the jump combined his two biggest fears; flying and heights. It was something he’d never considered doing in a million years but could not think of a more worthy cause. The skydive was the most surreal experience of his life and while he wouldn’t rush to do one again, he was surprised that he weirdly enjoyed it.

The rest of the Vibe Team are so proud of their efforts and are continuing to organise ongoing fundraisers for Phil. We would be hugely grateful for anything you could give in support of Phil and his family. Please get in touch to donate.

Keep an eye out on the rest of our fundraising activities and how you can get involved!