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Making the most of your first week in a new job

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2019/09

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Starting a new job can be intimidating.  You’re surrounded by new faces, in an unfamiliar environment and there’s lots to learn. On top of that, you want to make a good impression with your bosses and colleagues - no pressure then! The following tips will ensure you soon settle in and learn the ropes quickly, setting you off to the best start possible in making your new job a success.

  1. Be a sponge – absorb all the information you can, listen to tips and advice and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The sooner you understand the way things operate, the sooner you’ll settle in and be rid of those nerves. Remember it’s not just about understanding your own targets but about getting to know your company’s culture, how your teammates work, the office politics and the long-term vision of the business.

  2. Put yourself out there – speak to people across department, join meetings inside and outside of work and don’t be afraid to speak up. By mixing with people you’ll soon figure out who and what is important to the company. People will also get used to seeing you so you’ll lose the “newbie” label more quickly. By getting to know your co-workers you’ll have a strong support network for business and social occasions. You never know when you may need each other’s help.
  1. Figure out the tea and coffee system- It sounds trivial but every workplace has its own routine around making tea, washing up and doing the lunch run. Upsetting this routine can be the difference between make or break when it comes to team dynamics. The earlier you can learn your team’s system and contribute to it, the better!


  1. Keep your boss informed – starting a new job affects both the employer and the employee. There’s a lot to learn on both sides and both want to make a positive impression. Use your initiative and schedule a catch up with your manager. You can update them on what you’ve learnt, who you’ve been working with and where you need more direction. Getting feedback and insights from your boss is essential—after all, you’re going to be spending the next weeks, months, and maybe even years working for them.  Learning how they think and work early on will serve you well.


  1. Show willingness - If someone offers you advice take it. If your team mate needs a hand, be there for them. You need to show you are a team player and that you’re not only capable of the role you’ve been hired for, but that you fit the company’s culture. These are also great ways to get to know your co-workers and start building relationships which will make your work life more enjoyable. Make sure you find the right balance; you’ll still need to learn the basics and complete your own tasks without looking like you’ve taken on too much.


  1. Be yourself – you’ll spend a lot of time with your colleagues so you’ll get to know about each other’s quirks. Y you won’t Be prepared not to click with everyone but see it as new opportunity and allow yourself to shine! The workplace can have a huge social aspect to it if that’s what you’re looking for.

Good luck!