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Working Together

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2020/12

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2020 was the year that no one could have predicted.

As a business, it has taught us that in order to survive, we must adapt but most importantly, we must work together.

This became apparent in March when we were all forced to work from home. This meant getting used to a new working environment, new ways of communicating with each other, our clients and candidates and adapting registrations and inductions online. All of this had to be done quickly and with minimal impact to our standards of service.

Every single member of our team pulled together to ensure that the operation ran smoothly, and that morale remained high, which in the midst of such uncertainty in those initial weeks was remarkable.

In the months since then we have worked closer and harder than ever before and it has certainly paid off.

Vibe has tendered and won several large contracts, retained existing clients, and serviced them to the highest standards despite the ever changing and increasingly challenging landscape.

When restrictions eased in August the teams pulled together yet again to ensure all Vibe branches were safe and compliant for the return of staff. Since then everyone has adapted to the recommended health and safety measures and have done so with a smile.

With the pandemic lasting longer than most of us ever expected, mental health and wellbeing has become a top priority. It has been lovely to see how our employees are so supportive and caring of each other and it is this unique bond that keeps everyone going.

We look forward to a more settled 2021, with further growth plans in place.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!