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A light at the End of the Tunnel for Welsh Hospitality

Author: Grace Busby

Published Date: 2021/03

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This week the “stay local” restrictions in Wales changed to allow travel within Wales and from Saturday tourist accommodation can reopen.

Later this week we also hope to have some more clarity around when hospitality venues can reopen with looser restrictions.

These gradual easing of restrictions in time for the summer is making us all feel a lot more positive and feels like a light at the end of the tunnel after what’s been an incredibly challenging year for the hospitality and catering sector.

Looking back to before the pandemic began, and our hospitality sector was thriving as we supported local businesses ramping up for busy periods including major sporting events, the summer months, and the festive period. In contrast, the last twelve months has seen us temporarily disband the division, placing resources else where in our business as the work simply wasn’t there.

Emma Harrington Howells oversees the Hospitality and Catering Division here at Vibe and she gave us an insight into what the last year has been like for her:

“Like most people, I would never had predicted the impact the pandemic would have had on all our lives when we first heard about it. It’s been a crazy year and one that has pushed many people to their limits.

I’m so sad to have lost candidates and clients who were so busy, productive and hardworking before this hit.  It has affected companies across the board, from small independents to the largest of hotels and event sites.  It has shown us just how easy it is for things to come crashing down and I really hope that when things start to open in a couple of months that the support from the government and public will enable businesses to continue their hard work and success.

I’ve been kept busy working with other industries for the past year, but catering is in my blood!  I care so much about this Industry.  I’ve dedicated my career to the sector for the past 25 years and I know how resilient the people who work in it are.

With restrictions slowly easing I’ve already been in touch with my old clients to reassure them that I am on hand to support all their recruitment needs as soon as we get the green light from Government.

I’m confident that the appetite from the public is there, (quite literally!) and it’ll be crucial for businesses to have the right staff in place at the right time to cope with demand.”

Vibe Recruit are fortunate to have built up a large, diverse talent pool of candidates in the hospitality and catering sector who we have a fantastic relationship with. We are looking forward to supporting local business of all sizes with talented people who are keen to get back to the workplace.

If you’d like any advice or help with your staffing, please get in touch.


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