Life Sciences

Life Science has had rapid growth, and the UK has been the spearhead of the development of Covid 19 research and development. The UK capital raised for the Life Science industry was at £19.9 billion in 2020 that being a 23% increase on 2019. Foreign investment within Life Science has also seen a rapid increase over just the last few years, going up from £566 million in 2019 to £898 million in 2020, an increase of 58.7%.

The Life Science Sector is rapidly growing and is estimated to employ 268,000 people across over 6,000 companies with a turnover generated of £88.9 Billion. 

Typical roles include but are not limited to:

  • Laboratory Technicians, Scientists and Chemists
  • Molecular Biology
  • Medical Directors, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Directors
  • Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Quality assurance

Life Sciences Jobs

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